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Terms of usage

Using the site and/or connecting with developers through this site by any way including  by third parties, obligates acceptance to these terms.



Palestinian developers who wish to register to this site are obligated to report if they found a job through this site (whether if they were approached or if they contacted a company they saw at the site).

Palestinian developers are not required to pay commission to Joint Tech. However, failing to report within 2 months from acceptance to a job, will obligate the developer to pay a 15% commission of his salary to Joint Tech.


For companies who employ Palestinian developers there are two options for employment:

1. Direct hire

Employing a developer from this website obligates you to pay 10% commission to Joint Tech. You have an obligation to report within 1 month from hiring.

Not reporting employment of a developer that you found on this website, within 2 months from beginning of employment, will triple the commission to 30%.

This applies to every hire through this website, even if the resume was passed to a recruiter who didn't use this site by himself (e.g. the resume was passed to him by another).

2. Through Joint Tech

This requires contacting Joint Tech for a proposal. The details are below.

Why work through Joint Tech?

1. We, through partnership with manpower company, deal with permits to come to Israel and work. We deal with all the bureaucracy regarding employing a Palestinian. You focus on your success. Direct employment might be also an option if you like.


2. Within the process of issuing an entrance permit to Israel, every employee goes through a security check by the Shabak.


3. Satisfied with the developer you received from us? We can look for more!

We make tremendous efforts to match the right Palestinian developers with your needs.

We test and filter developers. We look for personal quality, people with good attitude that can work around and solve issues, whether they are Juniors or Seniors.


4. Palestinian developers are much more affordable than Israelis. As opposed to offshore, they can work side by side with you, hence you can enjoy the productivity and the experience of inhouse team developers.


Call us:
Gilad Israeli:


*All commissions are not limited by time.

Joint Tech may change the terms of usage at any time. However, the commission will continue to be according to the beginning of hiring.

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