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Joint Tech Community

Resources and information to help Palestinian developers get inside the Israeli hi tech.

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Why enter the Israeli market?

Higher salary!

Better experience and professionalism!

Stronger connections and world class network!

Join our community at Telegram:


More about it and tips in the recorded webinar of Joint Tech community launch, at the bottom of this page.


Getting ready

Learn & immediately practice.

e.g. look for project with other community members/ take an internship.

Get knowledge

Follow our lectures, learn to improve appearance, learn about the Israeli hi tech culture. All updates will be on our Telegram group:

CV, LinkedIn, GitHub

Get your CV ready, just one PDF page. You can use FlowCV. To ease worries of Israelis, you can add at the bottom: "This candidate is from the Joint Tech community. Joint Tech connects Palestinians with Israeli hi tech companies, easily and smoothly. For more details: "

Magnetic Civil Administration card

It might take time to schedule an appointment at the Civil Administration, but you need their magnetic card in order to get permits to enter Israel. Please do that in advance through المنسق app.

Want us also to promote you?

Apply to our process of test and interviews. Contact us through the website or send your CV to

More advices about getting ready in the video at the bottom of this page.


Applying for jobs in Israel

Filter according to your match and apply. Things to consider:

1. Programming languages.

2. Experience required

3. Work type: On site/ Remote/ Hybrid.

4. Office location

5. Company culture (fast & dirty work vs. Slow and clean, warm and conversational vs. cold and strait to the point).

Websites to apply through:

If you wish Joint Tech as an Israeli company will apply on your behalf, just fill this Google Form.


Interviews and closing deals

Selling point

Remember your main strength: you!

Think what's you want to show best about yourself. Prepper in advance for interviews, better before the application to the position. You can read and practice "Cracking the Code".

Second strength: as a Palestinian, a very good salary for you is cheap compared to Israelis. You can also come to the office in Israel (even once every week or so) and it's so much better than the other cheap developers abroad.

Israelis afraid of bureaucracy?

Joint Tech is the solution!

We deal with all the payroll and the entrance permits.

Good Luck!

Community Launch Video
Tips to Become a Coder Fast

Let's Work Together

Not just Joint Tech with you, but cooperation between all the community members. Join our Telegram group now:

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